What We Do

Pinkletterdays is a site dedicated to everything Asian dramas (Chinese / Korean / Japanese dramas) and discussing the latest dramas, our thoughts about them, why we love them, why we didn’t like them, and more. We love Asian dramas of all shapes and genres, and want to share that love with the rest of the world! ?

How It Started

Pinkletterdays was born in 2021 when an avid Asian drama fan searched the Internet high and low for a drama review and recap website that shared top recommendations for good Asian dramas to watch. However, she struggled to find great recommendations based on the mood she was in – if she wanted to watch some mystery / thriller, she didn’t know what would hit the spot; or if she wanted some historical romance, she didn’t know where to turn to. She decided that she would create a site that she herself would want to read to get the best drama recommendations!

What Pink Letter Days Mean

A red letter day is defined as a day that is pleasantly noteworthy or memorable. A pink letter day is one that is much sweeter. Our hope is that your days enjoying Asian dramas are sweet pink letter days! ?