Be With You

Be With You


Title: 好想和你在一起

Synopsis: Qi Nian, a naive cartoonist intentionally tries to make Ji Yan Xin, a cold and arrogant professor, be in a relationship with her so that she can gain inspiration for her comic. Coincidentally, Ji Yan Xin’s younger brother, Ji Si Qi, is Qi Nian’s new house mate and also comic assistant. A relationship blossoms unexpectedly between Qi Nian and Ji Yan Xin.

Ji Xiao Bing: Ji Yan Xin
Zhang Ya Qin: Qi Nian
Marcus Li: Ji Si Qi / Key Jiang
Kylie Zhou: Lu Qing Wu

Airing status: Completed

Number of episodes: 24

Genre: Modern Romance

Overall: 6/10
Modern Romance Genre: 7/10

Where to watch:
YouTube (english subtitles)
Dramacool (english subtitles)
Chinaqtv (chinese subtitles)


[Episode 1]

Qi Nian (Female lead) is a manhua / comic artist and she is drawing the ending of her current manhua. It is a romance comic but as part of her “genius twist”, she drew the female character in the manhua twist around to kick the male character after he tried to confess his love and kiss her. Qi Nian thinks that this is completely normal and we are clued in to how naive and hopelessly unknowledgeable our female lead is about love and relationships. Her manager and manager’s manager in the manhua company called MC (Man Cao) Comic are frustrated at how Qi Nian could draw a story like that and her comic is performing very poorly as a result of Qi Nian’s weird plot logic. Her manager’s manager tells her manager that Qi Nian needs to change and produce results otherwise her career as a manhua artist will be over. As such, her manager conveys that message to Qi Nian and pleads with her to actually experience falling in love and the feeling of having her heart race when she sees the one she loves. Qi Nian has never been in love and didn’t know what having one’s heartbeat pick up means.

Qi Nian leaves the office and goes to a nearby bench to eat some snacks. As she is drawing a literal human heart to try to ponder over love and relationships, a dog with the name tag “Qi Bao” walks up to her and begs for some of her snacks. She feeds the dog some of her snacks and feels a sense of familiarity with Qi Bao because they have the same first character in their name “Qi”. She grabs on to Qi Bao’s leash and he takes off running. Eventually, Qi Bao brings her to a pier where a man is leaning against the railing, looking at the sea. That man is Qi Bao’s owner, and we are introduced to Ji Yan Xin (Male lead).

Ji Yan Xin thanks her for bringing Qi Bao back and accurately guesses that Qi Bao had begged for some snacks. He offers to pay her back and Qi Nian politely says that there is no need. Qi Bao suddenly spots a blue butterfly and starts running around chasing the butterfly. He runs around Ji Yan Xin and Qi Nian and his leash loops around them, bringing them closer together. Qi Bao accidentally pushes Ji Yan Xin and he falls over Qi Nian but they don’t actually kiss. There is a brief moment of shock and relief that is short-lived before Qi Bao then hops onto Ji Yan Xin’s back and then off in pursuit of the butterfly. Ji Yan Xin thus accidentally kisses Qi Nian. 

She feels her heart start to race and wonders what the novel feeling is. Ji Yan Xin gets up and asks Qi Nian if she is going to get up or not. Qi Nian wants to get to know him better to be the inspiration of her manhua but she gets a call from her manager to turn in her draft before the deadline. She has to rush back to the office but asks Ji Yan Xin if he could wait for her at that spot because she wants to get to know him better. She tells him that she knows it is a ridiculous request but she has her reasons and hopes that he can understand. Before he answers, she rushes off and we see that he actually sits on the bench to wait for her.

Qi Nian draws her latest manhua chapter based on her inspiration from her recent encounters with Ji Yan Xin and Qi Bao. Her manager loves it and marvels over how this latest manhua is so different from Qi Nian’s previous comics. Qi Nian finally finishes and leaves the office but by then, it’s night time. She quickly runs back to the bench where she had asked him to wait for her but he is no longer there. Qi Nian also tells herself that it was wishful thinking that he would have actually waited for her. What she doesn’t realize is that he did wait for her and when he eventually left, he wrote down his contact information on a post-it note and left it on the bench. However, the wind blew the post-it note away and so Qi Nian is left with no way to find Ji Yan Xin again.

Qi Nian really wants to meet Ji Yan Xin again and has the idea to search for him by posting an ad for a lost dog using Qi Bao’s description. Someone comments on the ad that they had seen the dog and the man who usually walks him at this university so Qi Nian goes to the university. While looking for Ji Yan Xin, she meets Ji Qiu, who is stalker-ly taking photos of Ji Yan Xin. Some security guards spot Ji Qiu and recognize her as the infamous paparazzi stalker and start chasing after her. Before she runs off, she tells Qi Nian that she can find Ji Yan Xin in a particular classroom and slyly slips her camera memory stick into Qi Nian’s bag.

Qi Nian follows Ji Qiu’s instructions and sit in the class. Ji Yan Xin is the temporary professor who is teaching that architecture class for a few months. Funnily enough, one of Qi Nian’s two best friends is Ji Yan Xin’s assistant and had complained to Qi Nian about Ji Yan Xin as a very difficult professor who is cold, aloof, and arrogant to the point that he doesn’t bother remembering his students’ names. Qi Nian sits in the first row but doesn’t pay attention to the lesson. She ends up sketching Ji Yan Xin’s face and abs (she has an abs fetish and likes drawing men with naked half upper bodies and abs). He finds out that she was doodling and makes her stay after class. Her friend backhandedly compliments her that she is the first person who he had made stay after class, and on the very first day of class at that. Another teacher comes to the classroom to tell Ji Yan Xin that someone is looking for him. Before Ji Yan Xin leaves the classroom, he brings out a wooden box that is designed with some special architectural traits such that it doesn’t use screws and is difficult to open. Every year, he brings out a box like this and promises a favor to any student who can open the box. So far, over the years, no one had been able to open the box. He leaves the classroom, and when he comes back, he witnesses Qi Nian opening the box successfully!

[Episode 2]

Ji Yan Xin brings Qi Nian to his office and asks her how she was able to open the box. She nonchalantly tells him that her father was in the construction business and she grew up with boxes like that one all around the house – opening it was a piece of cake to her! Ji Yan Xin asks Qi Nian what she wants for her favor. She tells him that she wants to be able to see him every day, which he interprets as wanting to be his teaching assistant. That wasn’t exactly what she had meant but she is all for it. Qi Nian then pulls out the camera memory stick that Ji Qiu had slipped into her bag and puzzles over what that is. Ji Yan Xin puts it into his computer and sees picture after picture of himself and combined with her sketchbook where she had drawn sketches of him and his abs, he naturally thinks that Qi Nian is a stalker.

However, because Qi Nian was able to open his box, he has to honor her request. He lets her become his teaching assistant and she’s happy about that because it means that she will get to see him every day but then he adds a caveat that the role is only for a week unless she is able to make him remember her name. She tells him that her name is “Qi Nian” and he tells her with a straight face that “Wu” or five in chinese suits her better (her “Qi” is not the same “Qi” as seven but he doesn’t know that since he’s only heard it once). 

Qi Nian is determined to make him remember her name and tries all sorts of tricks. She wears a shirt with “Qi Nian” and does a somewhat pervert-move by flinging open her jacket to show him her shirt with her name written on it. He still doesn’t indicate that he remembers her name. She then hides under his podium during class with a notebook where she had written her name in big letters as part of a Chinese idiom “Qi Nian Zhi Yang” which means “seven year itch” in a marriage (which means the point when couples start feeling like breaking up and moving on). Ji Yan Xin intentionally drops his pen and kneels down. He questions her use of that idiom since she isn’t married and then romantically kisses her. But all of this was just her imagination. She wakes up from her daydream when Ji Yan Xin comes into the classroom. He doesn’t even try to entertain her and just curtly tells her to get out from under the podium and go to her seat. 

However, Qi Nian is not deterred. When he wants lunch, she makes him an omelette and writes her name with ketchup on it. She makes him coffee with her name on a note. When he turns on his computer, he sees that she has changed the background to a collage of pictures with her name all over it. 

Ji Yan Xin then leaves for a work trip for a few days. Qi Nian is disappointed because that means fewer opportunities to try and make him remember her name. However, her new ploy is to impress everyone around Ji Yan Xin such that they will talk about her when he returns. After he returns from his work trip, he goes back to his office at the university and everyone from the cleaning lady to his fellow professor stops him to tell him how amazing Qi Nian is and repeat her name to him. However, he sees through her ploy and thinks that she is too scheming and has ill intentions for wanting to continuously be by his side. He leaves the university and spots Qi Nian. It’s raining and he shields her with his umbrella. He remembers her name but tells her that she doesn’t pass and cannot remain as his assistant because he is suspicious of her motives. At that moment, a car drives by and is about to splash them. He turns his umbrella outward to protect them from the splash. However, shortly after, a second car drives by and he fails to protect her in time from the second splash. They end up both being drenched. He takes her to his office to change and she innocently asks if they will both change in his office. This is just more evidence of how her brain doesn’t work quite normally when it comes to guy-girl relationships! She changes first and then gets kicked out of the office so that he can change. While she’s day dreaming about his body and touching his chest, he opens the office door and she accidentally touches his chest.

[Episode 3]

Ji Yan Xin wants to know the truth behind why Qi Nian wants to be with him as his assistant. She tells him that it’s because she fell in love with him at first sight and has specific reasons for wanting to be with him. It’s pretty bold for a girl to openly declare her crush and he is amazed and also kinda shocked and how she declares her love so casually but we are reminded again of how Qi Nian doesn’t have the same boundaries as most people. He doesn’t trust her because of how she approached him, sat in his car, made him get splashed by the rain, and went to such lengths of impressing the people around him so that he would remember her name. 

She is offended and advances on him to defend herself. She tells him that he was the one who forced her to take such measures. As she walks forward, she accidentally steps on his foot and falls onto him. At that very moment, Ji Yan Xin’s grandfather enters the office and catches them in what looks like an intimate embrace. Grandpa asks Ji Yan Xin who Qi Nian is and in order to stop his grandpa from forcing him on more blind dates, Ji Yan Xin lies to his grandpa that she is his girlfriend. Grandpa doesn’t believe him and asks him for her name because he knows that Ji Yan Xin has a memory problem and doesn’t bother remembering people’s names. Qi Nian is excited because if Ji Yan Xin calls her name, that would mean that he does remember it and she would have won their deal. Stuck in this conundrum, Ji Yan Xin chooses to call her name grudgingly and thus Qi Nian gets to continue being his teaching assistant!

Qi Nian goes to a manhua cafe and meets Ji Si Qi who is the waiter there. He is a manhua artist who loves manhua about young people but, while talented, hasn’t had the opportunity to actually draw and publish comics. Qi Nian, however, doesn’t understand the “youth” genre and asks him what is so good about it. This triggers Ji Si Qi and he tells her that she doesn’t deserve to be an artist for that genre since she doesn’t understand it at all. Qi Nian leaves the cafe. After she leaves, Lu Qing Wu, a famous manhua artist, comes to the cafe and Ji Si Qi draws a character from his favorite manhua, which is Lu Qing Wu’s debut comic, in her coffee. She gets angry with him because she actually detests that comic. He tells her that comic was Lu Qing Wu’s best comic and he hates the author because she never continued that comic and keeps trying to draw a line between her subsequent comics and that one. 

Qi Nian runs into Ji Si Qi again at night when they both go to the convenience store near their house and fight over the last smelly tofu instant ramen packet (Qi Nian ends up with it). At this point, they both don’t know that the other person is their housemate. They then each walk home angrily and accuse the other person of following the other. They then realize that they are actually housemates. Qi Nian cooks the smelly tofu instant ramen and offers to share half with him. They make up and become friends. 

At university the next day, Qi Nian is walking back from the cafeteria with a box of fried chicken, which is her favorite food. She ends up being surrounded by Ji Yan Xin’s fangirls, of which many of them were his prior teaching assistants but didn’t last more than a day or two because of how cold and merciless Ji Yan Xin is. They are angry with her for getting his teaching assistant position so easily and staying as his assistant for so long without being fired like they were. Ji Yan Xin hears from some passersby that Qi Nian is being surrounded by his fangirls and was in trouble. He hurriedly goes to find her and sees the situation from above. However, while he is making his way to her, Qi Nian has already won over the angry fangirls by offering each of them some of her fried chicken and empathizing with how difficult Ji Yan Xin is as well as offering some of her drawings of him to them to make into little keychains and more. They love her drawings and they become friends just like that.

[Episode 4]

On their way back to his office, they run into Ji Qiu who is revealed as Ji Yan Xin’s little cousin on his dad’s side. Ji Qiu exposes that Qi Nian isn’t a university student. Qi Nian feels very remorseful for deceiving Ji Yan Xin, albeit by omission. She ends up leaving him and the university and leaves behind a letter for him admitting that she lied about being a university student but did not lie about her wanting to be close to him and see him everyday. She doesn’t hear Ji Yan Xin lecturing Ji Qiu that she cannot be rude to Qi Nian and should respect her because Qi Nian is her ‘sao zi’ (older sister-in-law). He tells her to apologize to Qi Nian for framing her with the camera memory stick otherwise he will take the camera that he had gifted Ji Qiu away.

Qi Nian doesn’t see Ji Yan Xin for a few days and stays up late to work on her manhua before the deadline. Ji Si Qi helps her with polishing her drawings and adding color to her manhua. She ends up getting a fever because of how overworked she is. She has a few hours to go before the manhua deadline and things look to be in good shape to be finished on time. However, Ji Yan Xin is getting ready for an important conference and Qi Nian had sent one of his previous assistants (who was a part of the angry fangirl group earlier) to bring him the thumbdrive with the presentation she had prepared for him. However, the file in the thumbdrive can’t open and the assistant calls Qi Nian in a panic. Ji Yan Xin has to present very soon and he can’t do without his presentation. Even though Qi Nian doesn’t have enough time to finish her own manhua work, she immediately starts to work on recreating the presentation from memory and tells the assistant she will definitely bring it to them before he has to present. She makes the presentation and rushes over with the USB for him before his presentation. He calls her name and notices that she doesn’t look right but she tells him that she’s ok. She turns to go and as she is walking back to the taxi, she faints. Ji Yan Xin had been watching her leave and catches her right before she hits the ground. He brings her to the hospital. She wakes up and worries that he missed his presentation because he brought her to the hospital. He lies and tells her that they had postponed the conference to the next day. With that, she feels reassured and he leaves to settle her hospital bill. While he is gone, his fangirl/assistant calls Qi Nian and tells her that she had never seen Ji Yan Xin so worried and emotional about anyone, and how he had given up on the presentation to send her to the hospital. He ended up giving the presentation to another professor and missed out on a big chance to expand his reputation. Qi Nian now knows the truth and feels guilty. He comes back to her room and she tells him that she is sorry for making him miss his presentation. He tells her that she had made her choice when she rushed to bring him the presentation even though she was sick, and he made his choice to send her to the hospital. People make choices and that was his choice. 

Qi Nian is discharged and they wait for the bus to go home. Qi Nian is distracted by a young girl comic poster at the bus stop which talks about the “heart racing” feeling and she doesn’t get on the bus. Ji Yan Xin realized that she hadn’t gotten on and gets off to drag her on by holding her wrist. At that moment, Qi Nian realizes that she likes Ji Yan Xin for real and loudly confesses to him. Everyone on the bus stares in shock at her/them, including Ji Yan Xin. He can’t quite believe that she is doing this in such a public place but then again, our female lead doesn’t have the normal EQ that a regular person would. He tells her that he is getting off at the next stop and there isn’t enough time for him to discuss this with her. The bus driver then uses the PA system to loudly announce that they are going over the bridge and the next stop is in twenty minutes which means a lot of time for people to resolve their feelings. It is pointedly directed at Ji Yan Xin and Qi Nian! 

In his embarrassment, Ji Yan Xin pulls her to the back of the bus where there are fewer people and no bus driver to overhear their conversation. He asks her if she’s serious and when she started liking him. She tells him that she just started liking him and that’s why she confessed to him. He tells her that this was too sudden and she tells him that it’s ok and she will just like him more then. He then tells her that he’s not interested in dating. She says that she didn’t think he would agree from the beginning but she will still continue pursuing him till he agrees – will he let her pursue him? This is such a diversion from regular romance because she is pursuing him instead of the guy pursuing the girl. He doesn’t answer her because her phone drops then. He bends to pick it up and slips it into her jean front pocket. At that point, the bus arrives at his stop. He leaves the bus and she shouts to ask him whether he is agreeable to let her pursue him. He doesn’t even look back at her and just responds with a “up to you”.

Qi Nian is at her office and pouts to her manager that she tried confessing to her manhua male lead inspiration but she failed because he didn’t agree. She doesn’t know how she would be able to find or see him anymore because his temporary professor position has ended and she doesn’t know where he works or lives. Then, she takes out her phone and finds his business card in her pocket. She realizes that he must have slipped it in when he picked up her phone and put it in her jean pocket. She’s ecstatic and does a little dance because this means that he agreed and is flirting with her back! She apologizes to her manager because she completely missed her manhua deadline but her manager tells her that she completed it and submitted it an hour ago. She realizes that Ji Si Qi had finished it for her.

[Episode 5]

Qi Nian follows the address on his business card and shows up at Ji Yan Xin’s company. She then finds out that her other best friend works at his company. He tells her that he knows she had confessed to Ji Yan Xin on the bus because he was also on the bus. It is funny how both her best friends work for Ji Yan Xin and how all three of them were tied up with the same guy in some way. Her friend tells her that Ji Yan Xin is not in the office but he hands her some documents to bring to him at his home.

Qi Nian heads over to Ji Yan Xin’s home and spends some time outside daydreaming about how Ji Yan Xin would look when he opens the door. However, when the door opens, it is Ji Yan Xin’s friend, Shao Zui, who ends up being the one standing there. She then has a horrible feeling that Ji Yan Xin is gay because Shao Zui was wearing his pajamas and Ji Yan Xin was showering. Shao Zui then tells Qi Nian that he’s just taking care of Ji Yan Xin because when he is working, he loses awareness of everything else and doesn’t feed himself well. Qi Nian sits down to eat a bite of Shao Zui’s cooking and spits it out immediately because the food tastes terrible. Ji Yan Xin is just calmly eating the food next to her while reading some work documents. Shao Zui tells her that Ji Yan Xin doesn’t care because he’s so focused on food and doesn’t taste it. Shao Zui doesn’t have a sense of taste (which will later become important). Qi Nian calls his cooking torture and tells him that she will take over his job and be Ji Yan Xin’s caretaker. He agrees but Ji Yan Xin then looks up and disagrees with this proposition. Eventually they get Ji Yan Xin to agree but Qi Nian has to agree to some house rules, of which the most important one is to stay out of this one room in the house.

Qi Nian eats hotpot with Ji Si Qi and motivates him to become a professional manhua artist. She learns that he has an older brother who strongly disapproved of his love for manhua so he ran away from home. 

The next day, Qi Nian makes breakfast for Ji Yan Xin and notices that he has a gash on his hand. He tells her that it’s nothing and he hurt it while working. She finds out that he stayed up during the night to work and she tells him that she should just be a live-in caretaker so that she can also take care of him during the night. Either because he’s used to her saying such things casually or because he just has an aloof personality, he asks her exactly how she was planning on taking care of him during the night. He reminds her that she’s a girl and she can’t casually say such things because they have certain insinuations.

Qi Nian continues through the day doing errands around the house such as watering his grass and tree and playing with Qi Bao. She sprays Qi Bao with the hose and as she’s doing so, notices Ji Yan Xin who had come out of the house with his coffee and who was smiling at her antics. She accidentally drops the hose and water starts spraying everywhere. Instinctively she runs behind Ji Yan Xin to hide from the water spray and both of them end up drenched. They and Qi Bao end up in the bathroom and Ji Yan Xin gets a towel to start rubbing down Qi Bao. Qi Nian is very apologetic and tells him that she ran behind because his back looks very reassuring and gives a feeling of safety. He tells her to stop trying to suck up to him and leaves with Qi Bao. However, later before he leaves the house, he gives her her bunch of keys, which has an extra golden key on it. He tells her that this is the key to his house and that she should do a good job house-sitting in his absence.

While he’s gone, Ji Qiu comes over and convinces Qi Nian to sneak into the forbidden room. At the same time, Ji Si Qi had gotten an offer from this manhua company and he needed his identification document in order to complete his offer letter. His identification documents were at his older brother’s house and so he went to a public telephone booth to call his brother’s house number. The phone in the forbidden room starts ringing and Qi Nian goes into answer the phone while Ji Qiu stands at watch outside. 

[Episode 6]

Qi Nian enters into the forbidden room but when she picks up the phone, no one is on the other end. She tries calling back but because Ji Si Qi had called from a public telephone, she isn’t able to call back. She then finds Ji Yan Xin right behind her and he is furious that she broke the most important house rule and entered that room without his permission. He refuses to talk to her and locks himself in the room. While he is listening to his favorite audio in the room, an audio recording pops up and it’s one of Qi Nian apologizing to him. She knew that he would listen to the audio and recorded herself saying sorry. 

Qi Nian is sorry and sad that she had made Ji Yan Xin so upset. She leaves the house with her things. She notices that the lights lining the driveway light up when they didn’t use to before and it was so dark that she had tripped the last time she was on her way out. Ji Yan Xin had noticed her tripping the last time and fixed them for her! That’s why he had injured his hand because he had accidentally sliced it on one of the lights. 

Ji Yan Xin didn’t tell Qi Nian that he had forgiven her so she assumes that he is still angry with her. She doesn’t go over to his place anymore but he had gotten so used to having her there that he would often say her name by accident, such as “Qi Nian, close the door”. He ends up overworking himself and has a fever. Ji Qiu is taking care of him and calls Qi Nian to tell her that he is sick. Qi Nian comes over to his house quickly but he opens the door, she also worries that he doesn’t want to see her. She starts to leave but he grabs her and tells her not to. However, because he’s pretty weak from the fever, he falls over her and they both fall to the floor. 

Ji Yan Xin sits on the couch in a fever daze while Qi Nian deliberates what she should do with him. We get an inside look at how not normal her thinking is as she considers four options of what to do with him to help his fever. The options appear like a game simulation where there are four buttons for her to choose. She ends up choosing the option of splashing him with cold water to cool his fever, which is hilarious because she actually thinks that this is a viable option to help a feverish person. She takes a cup and jug of water and he asks her what she plans to do. He quickly dissuades her and she gives him another option to cool his fever which is to take off his clothes. By this point, it’s still surprising how shameless Qi Nian can be. She didn’t think he would take that suggestion but Ji Yan Xin teases Qi Nian by following through and starts unbuttoning his shirt with one hand. Qi Nian finally feels embarrassment and turns around so that she wouldn’t see his naked chest. 

Ji Yan Xin finally stops teasing her and tells her that she should leave. Qi Nian tells him she is not leaving because he’s one of a kind to her and she likes him to the point that no one can replace him in her heart. She likes the real him and only him and other people in her eyes are only salty fish or useless/extra.

He tells her that he doesn’t understand her but he thinks he roughly gets what she is saying. He pats her hand and says that she isn’t allowed to do that next time (referring to her going into the forbidden room) and she jumps around excitedly because this means that he is giving her a second chance. He covers her mouth and tells her that what he needs right now is some peace and quiet. Qi Nian ends up caring for him all night because he is still sick. Because she isn’t home at such a late hour, Ji Si Qi becomes worried and calls her to ask her when she’s coming home. Ji Yan Xin takes the phone from her and talks to Ji Si Qi to tell her that she’s working overtime.

[Episode 7]

Ji Si Qi is not happy with Qi Nian’s boss, aka Ji Yan Xin, for making her work so late but the brothers don’t recognize each other’s voices over the phone. Ji Yan Xin has recovered somewhat and needs to leave the house for a bookstore opening event that he is the VIP at. He gets ready to leave and takes a few fever pills. However, he doesn’t realize that Qi Nian had accidentally knocked the pill bottles and switched the position of the fever medication with his sleeping pills. He ended up taking two sleeping pills but only realizes after. He is at the bookstore opening event and socializing with guests when he starts feeling sleepy. Qi Nian, in a mascot costume, comes by and takes him away. They steal away to a corner bench and he lies on Qi Nian’s lap with his eyes closed. He doesn’t want to fall asleep so he tells Qi Nian to tell him interesting stories, in particular stories about herself. He falls asleep and tells him that she is secretly a manhua artist and her author name is Qi Zai and she used to be known by a different name which is Qi Yue Qing Wu. Qi Yue Qing Wu is the author of the debut comic that Lu Qing Wu became famous for, and for which Ji Si Qi was super angry about because Lu Qing Wu didn’t keeps trashing that comic and thinks her subsequent ones were better. We find out that Lu Qing Wu basically stole Qi Nian’s comic and claimed that she was the sole author. At the same time, Lu Qing Wu is having a fan meet event in the same area. Ji Si Qi is actually attending that event but as an anti-fan. He accuses her of not being the real author of that debut novel and talks down her abilities. He then runs away after having said his piece while being chased by her security guards. Qi Nian needs to leave for a short while and leaves Ji Yan Xin on the bench and locks the door so that others can’t just chance about him on the bench sleeping.

[Episode 8]

As Ji Si Qi is running away from the guards, he sees his older brother Ji Yan Xin through the glass. Ji Yan Xin sees his younger brother as well but was locked in. Ji Si Qi runs away from his older brother and they don’t end up meeting. Lu Qing Wu bumps into Qi Nian and accuses her of instigating Ji Si Qi into making false allegations against her in public. She wants her guards to arrest Qi Nian but Ji Yan Xin shows up and saves her. 

Although Ji Si Qi ran away, Ji Yan Xin uses Ji Qiu to meet up with him. He still strongly objects to Ji Si Qi’s passion of being a manhua artist but still gives Ji Si Qi his identification document. Ji Si Qi is defensive about his manhua dreams and tells his brother that he already has one person who supports him and that is enough for him to continue pursuing his dreams. That one person is Qi Nian who has been encouraging him to be a manhua artist and basically “employed” him to be her manhua assistant.

Ji Yan Xin goes home and finds Qi Nian sleeping on the couch. He princess carries her to her bed. Because he had taken the sleeping pills by accident, he is now out of sleeping pills. He locks his door and goes to his bed to sleep. Qi Nian then rolls in her sleep and wakes up in the middle of the night because Ji Yan Xin is sleeping next to her. She thinks that she must be crazy and dreaming because this dream is very realistic. However, it’s not a dream and Ji Yan Xin is really sleeping on her bed! He wakes up and pulls her in to give her a gentle kiss on the forehead. He pats her to sleep before getting up and carrying his pillow back to his room. She realizes that he is sleepwalking. In his sleepwalking state, he locks her room with his keys and puts the keys in his pocket. Because of that, it takes her a while to get the keys back from in and go back to her room to sleep. In the morning, he notices that she looks tired and asks if she didn’t sleep well. She glares at him because it was his fault that she didn’t sleep well.

Being the enterprising person that she is, Qi Nian uses Ji Yan Xin’s sleepwalking behavior for her benefit. She makes him do poses with her like hugging her and uses those poses to draw her manhua. However, once he attempts to kiss her in his sleep trance and she stops him at the last moment because she feels like she’s taking advantage of him in his unconsciousness.

Ji Si Qi was excited about getting the offer to become a professional manhua artist from Rong Pin Company which is a premier comic company. However, he realizes that the offer was just a scam by Lu Qing Wu and Rong Pin Company is her company. She just wanted to get back at him after he ruined her press event by accusing her of not being the original author of her debut work. Ji Si Qi refuses to bow down to Lu Qing Wu and would rather not be a manhua artist. He leaves the office. 

[Episode 9]

Ji Yan Xin finds Ji Si Qi sitting by the water looking dejected. Ji Yan Xin suspected that the offer was fake because the seal on the letter looked suspicious and he had asked his friend to investigate the issue. His friend told him that the list of successful applicants did not have Ji Si Qi’s name on it. Ji Yan Xin comforts Ji Si Qi and forces him to go to his company to work for him. This was part of the bet that they had in the previous episode where Ji Si Qi said that if he was not successful at being a manhua artist, he would go work for his brother. However, just when Ji Si Qi gets into Ji Yan Xin’s car, he gets a call from Qi Nian telling him that their manhua, which they co-produced, is first place in comic rankings! Their manhua had even beaten Lu Qing Wu’s manhua, which was the original crowd favorite. Ji Si Qi is hired officially as Qi Nian’s assistant by MC Comics, her company. Ji Yan Xin steals the phone from Ji Si Qi and he asks Qi Nian about the opportunity. Qi Nian tells him that she will take responsibility for his little brother and make sure that he is a successful manhua artist. They don’t recognize each other’s voices and so Ji Yan Xin still doesn’t know that Qi Nian is also a manhua artist.

Ji Yan Xin is sleepwalking at night again and this time when Qi Nian guides him back to his bed, he pulls her down and kisses her! After kissing her, he wakes up from his trance and is awake. He doesn’t realize that he had kissed her. Qi Nian runs away from his room and Ji Si Qi calls her to pick her up at Ji Yan Xin’s house. He arrives on an electric scooter and helps her put on her helmet. Ji Yan Xin is watching all of this from his house and realizes now that his brother and Qi Nian know each other. 

Ji Si Qi takes Qi Nian on a ride to enjoy the breeze. They head to the water and hang out. They then head home together but the scooter’s brakes break and they end up pushing the bike the rest of the way home. Ji Yan Xin knows all of this because he followed them from his house till their home. He then finds out that they are living in the same house and that they might be a couple, which he learns from the friendly security guard who is a big gossip. As he is watching their house, the lights go off and Ji Yan Xin panics because of what that might mean. He calls Qi Nian and orders her back to his home because he has a ton of work for her. She opens her inbox and finds lots of emails from Ji Yan Xin with tasks for her, and they were just sent a minute ago while he stood outside her house. He tells her to go to his house in 30 minutes and then he had to speed drive back home to get back before she gets there because he basically left her house about the same time that she did. 

After hearing how much fun she had riding on the electric scooter, Ji Yan Xin shows up the next morning with an electric scooter and wants her to drive him to work with it. She’s shocked because that’s not at all his usual image but he insists. She comforts herself that he will have to hug her to hold on while she drives and is blissfully smiling at that image. However, he quickly ruins that daydream by putting a stuffed teddy bear in between his hands and her waist so that he’s not directly touching her. She’s enjoying the wind during the drive but then the scooter runs out of battery because Ji Yan Xin didn’t charge it the night before. She asks him what they should do now and, being a true gentleman, he tells her that there are physical pedals on the scooter so she can just pedal the bike the rest of the way.

[Episode 10]

Qi Nian heads to her office and Lu Qing Wu is there to try to sign the artist Qi Zai over to Rong Pin Company. Shao Zui is the boss of MC Comics and Ji Qiu is also there trying to meet her favorite artist, which is Qi Zai. She thinks that Qi Zai is a young and attractive man who understands love because of his manhua. She quickly finds out that Qi Zai is actually Qi Nian, and a woman. She becomes super supportive of Qi Nian and the CP with Ji Yan Xin because she realizes that the male lead was fashioned after her cousin. Qi Nian asks Shao Zui why Ji Yan Xin sleepwalks and he tells her in very vague terms that someone important to Ji Yan Xin left him a while ago and left him with some trauma as a result. Thus, whenever he is stressed, he sleepwalks. Because of the way Shao Zui phrased it, she misunderstands that Ji Yan Xin had an ex-girlfriend who left him and he is not over her still.

Qi Nian finds out that Ji Yan Xin keeps a whole room of manhua and collectibles in his forbidden room. Ji Yan Xin was sleepwalking one night and dragged Qi Nian into the room. She tried to resist and hold on to the wall but he made her enter. She accidentally let it slip that she knew there were manhua things in the room. When Ji Yan Xin asks her how she knows, she refuses to tell him and he picks her up in his arms and threatens to throw her in the pool. She quickly tells him and he realizes that she knows of his sleepwalking problem.

In order to keep Qi Nian from hanging out with Ji Si Qi, Ji Yan Xin makes her go on a business trip with her to a different city. Ji Si Qi is upset when he finds out that her boss is making her go on a trip and wants to follow her to that city. He ends up meeting Lu Qing Wu by coincidence and taking a ride from her in her car. She has plans to sign Key Jiang, which is his artist name, to her company, and when she finds out that Ji Si Qi is “Key Jiang”, she purposely gets them stuck in a rural farmland together with no phone signal.

[Episode 11]

Qi Nian convinces Ji Yan Xin to go exploring the city after his work meetings with the purpose of taking pictures for grandpa to continue the charade that they are in a real relationship. Qi Nian and Ji Yan Xin go around the city looking at historic buildings with unique architectural points. She takes multiple photos of him with the buildings and lies on the ground to take the best angles. However, when she asks him to take a photo of her, he takes blurry ones and she scowls in annoyance. They go to the amusement park and play with a claw machine but he isn’t successful. They then get hungry and in the amusement park apparently the way to get some food is to play a game with various claw machines to accumulate points that you can redeem for some seafood. He breaks open the crab for her and she tells him that he is a really considerate person. During dinner she drinks a lot of the fruit wine and becomes quite tipsy. She wants to see the fireworks and they end up riding the Ferris wheel. He tells her that there is a legend that couples who kiss at the top of the Ferris wheel will stay together forever. He then tells her “I love you” and kisses her at the very top. 

Ji Si Qi is at the same amusement park with Lu Qing Wu tagging along to look for Qi Nian but doesn’t spot her till he gets to the Ferris wheel. Then he sees his brother kissing Qi Nian and is shocked to realize that her boss is his own brother and then they are involved in a relationship. Qi Nian ends up sleeping in her own bed after drinking too much.

[Episode 12]

The next morning, Qi Nian wakes up and Lu Qing Wu is knocking on her hotel room door. She learns that Ji Yan Xin and Ji Si Qi saw each other last night and had a confrontation while Ji Yan Xin told Lu Qing Wu to take a drunk and sleepy Qi Nian back to the hotel. They head to breakfast together and she learns that Ji Si Qi and Ji Yan Xin are actually brothers. At breakfast, tensions are high. Qi Nian spots that Ji Si Qi has an injury and misunderstands that the brothers had fought. What actually happened was some random guy who was giving out flyers gave Ji Si Qi the flyers and then he just threw them on the ground in frustration because he was mad at his brother. A security guard saw that and told him he had to pick them up, and while picking them up, he had an accident and fell. Ji Yan Xin tried to save him but also fell and they both ended up with small injuries.

The brothers and Qi Nian end up rushing back home because grandpa has been admitted to the hospital. They are misled by Ji Qiu who believes that grandpa has cancer and is going to die because grandpa redid his will recently and have been having phone calls with friends to seemingly say goodbye. Ji Yan Xin makes Ji Si Qi pretend that they have reconciled so that grandpa can go get his surgery in peace. It turns out that grandpa didn’t actually have cancer and isn’t going to die, and Ji Yan Xin knew all along. Ji Si Qi questions him about why he lied about it. Ji Yan Xin says that he wanted to reconcile with his little brother. Through this process, Ji Si Qi is told by Shao Zui to go to Ji Yan Xin’s house and check out the forbidden room.

[Episode 13]

Ji Si Qi goes to the forbidden room and realizes that his brother loves him very much. When they had their big fight, his brother had broken his treasured manhua collectibles and shelves. However, after that, Ji Yan Xin had rebuilt the shelves and found the same collectibles to recreate what it originally was. Ji Si Qi is touched by his brother’s efforts and they reconcile. Ji Si Qi apologizes for being immature and rebellious.

Qi Nian is frustrated that even after so long, Ji Yan Xin doesn’t seem to be responding to her efforts to pursue him. She decides to leave and he pulls her in for a hug and tells her not to leave because he needs her. Only with her there can he feel safe and secure enough to sleep. Otherwise he would be too anxious. Because of those words from him, Qi Nian is pacified and decides to stay on. 

They hold hands and head over to grandpa’s mansion with Ji Si Qi, Ji Qiu, and Shao Zui. Grandpa tells Ji Si Qi that he doesn’t need him to take over the business and Ji Yan Xin doesn’t need to either since he has done enough and his passion is in architecture. Grandpa says that he’s hired someone to manage the business in his stead. We are introduced to Lin Yi who is Qi Nian’s love rival. Lin Yi likes Ji Yan Xin and they were even featured on a magazine together. Lin Yi is Ji Yan Xin’s college senior and she appears as the girl who is poised, beautiful, and smart.

[Episode 14]

Ji Qiu tries to help Ji Yan Xin and Qi Nian with their relationship and the crew minus Lin Yi all head to the beach. In preparation for the beach, Qi Nian had gone sexy swimsuit shopping with her manager but we don’t see what she actually bought. She goes to the beach in this long maxi dress to try to look pretty for Ji Yan Xin. She ends up tripping on the hem of her dress and ripping a whole at her waist. Ji Yan Xin takes off his outer shirt and ties it around her waist to cover the tear. They then head into a tent for her to change and she tells him that she bought a really sexy bikini for him and asks if he wants to see it. He is shocked that she is so forward and squeezes his eyes shut. She reveals her outfit and she had actually bought a t-shirt dress with a bikini drawn on it. 

Ji Qiu puts fitness bracelets on Ji Yan Xin and Qi Nian and tell them that there is a promotion going on where if they manage to get the bracelets off within 24 hours, their food would be free. There are certain rules like if they stay close together, the timing continues to tick down, but if they are separated by more than a metre, the timing actually increases. Qi Nian loves this game because she envisions them doing lots of close physical intimacy couple exercises. Instead, Ji Yan Xin proposes doing what a normal person would do to increase one’s heart rate and make the timing go down faster like running on the beach. He makes her run after him and she can’t keep up. She suggests doing sit ups instead and is thinking that he would hold her feet while facing her and they would kiss every time she did a sit up. Instead, he sits with his back facing her and she doesn’t get to do what she wanted. She gets angry at him and storms off. He follows her to ask what she wants and she tells him in frustration that she wanted to do couple things with him and wanted to seduce him. Before she continues, she realizes what she had said and is embarrassed. Ji Yan Xin tells her that he will give her the chance to do what she had wanted to do. She refuses because she is afraid that she won’t be able to control herself once she starts doing couple things with him. He tells her that she’s dumb because he’s still alive and not dead. If she goes overboard, he will stop her. Thus, she leans forward and kisses him and they kiss deeply for a while. Their heart rate trackers pop open because their heart rates have increased significantly and made the timing do down even faster. Qi Nian is shy and runs away after they kiss.

Ji Qiu and Ji Yan Xin talk and Ji Yan Xin says that there’s no way that he can be in a real relationship with someone if there are secrets between them. He says this loudly so that Qi Nian can hear because he knows that she is hiding something from him. He pretends to be a couple with Lin Yi to make Qi Nian jealous so that she will reveal the truth.

Lu Qing Wu lures Ji Si Qi onto her sailboat and doesn’t let him off. They end up going to this special island where the water glows blue because of some unique sea creatures and Lu Qing Wu wanted to share that with him. She tells him that he doesn’t have to be jealous of his brother and she will replace Qi Nian and support him. 

Qi Nian’s manager mails her manhua comics by accident to Ji Yan Xin’s company and Qi Nian panics. The company thinks that these are things for Ji Yan Xin and end up sending them to him at his offsite location. Qi Nian rushes over and she sees Ji Yan Xin and Lin Yi having a very intimate hug. She hears from someone that Ji Yan Xin is getting married to Lin Yi and that they are engaged already. She is sad and disappointed.

[Episode 15]

Qi Nian goes back to Ji Yan Xin’s house and decides to give up her pursuit because he is in a relationship with someone else. She packs her suitcase to leave. Ji Yan Xin comes home and he asks her what she’s doing. She tells him the truth since it doesn’t matter anymore at this point. She tells him that she didn’t fall in love with him at first sight but she fell in love with him for real. She is a manhua artist and Ji Si Qi is her assistant. She tells him that she was using him as her male lead inspiration and she really wanted to pursue him and only loves him but that’s useless because he already has Lin Yi as his fiancee and is going to get married. Ji Yan Xin just stands there as she spills everything. She takes her luggage and walks out the front door. Then he grabs her and spins her around for a kiss. Ji Si Qi witnesses that kiss from outside. He tells her that he was lying about Lin Yi and that she isn’t his fiancee. He tells her that he likes her. She thinks that this is a dream and he moves in to kiss her. He carries her to bed and asks her to repeat her confession as he has been waiting to hear her confession. He lies on top of her on the bed and interlaces their hands. He’s about to kiss her again but her stomach gurgles loudly, ruining the moment. Over dinner Ji Yan Xin tells her that he wants her to be his girlfriend. Qi Nian is in shock because she never imagined that this would happen. He leaves and tells her that he will let her think about it during the night and he will get her answer the next morning.

Qi Nian thinks about it and her instinct tells her that this can’t be real so she should protect herself and reject this relationship. She was hurt before in high school when some guy told her he liked her and then was dating someone else the next day. She doesn’t think Ji Yan Xin likes her for real. The next morning, he asks her for her answer and she asks him to confirm his feelings for her. She questions his motivation of liking her and wanting to be in a relationship with her as due to “is it because it’s been too long since you’ve done that?” He vehemently tells her no. Ji Yan Xin tells her to come over and hugs her. He convinces her that he truly loves her and they are officially in a relationship. 

Qi Nian sits on the couch drawing her manhua openly now that Ji Yan Xin knows that she is a manhua artist. Her manager calls her and Ji Yan Xin comes by, takes her hand, and kisses it. Ji Qiu sees this from outside through the window and squeals because she ships them. Ji Yan Xin tells Qi Nian to stop addressing him as “teacher” and she tells him that it’s just a habit because she’s called him that for so long. She then tries calling him by name. He also wants to change his name on her phone and she happily discovers that he had saved her a while back on his phone as “my person” which he is cutely shy about. That is so out of character that she teases him about it and he pushes her down on the couch to show her that she is his person. They agree to change each other’s names to “girlfriend” and “boyfriend” in their contacts. 

Ji Si Qi is heartbroken and gets drunk. Lu Qing Wu comforts him and they end up staying over together. In the morning he doesn’t remember anything and she lies that they had slept together.

[Episode 16]

Ji Yan Xin sends Qi Nian home and kisses her against his car before she goes into her home. He was jealous that the security guard thought Qi Nian and Ji Si Qi were a couple. He tells the security guard that Qi Nian is his fiancée.

Ji Qiu realizes that Qi Nian still doesn’t know that Ji Si Qi likes her and tells her the truth. Qi Nian is shocked and sad that she had hurt him. To set him free and stop hurting him, she tells him that they won’t work together on the manhua anymore and she won’t live with him anymore. They are both sad. 

She goes to Ji Yan Xin’s office to find him and runs into his arms. He had asked his secretary originally to make everyone come back and do OT instead of spending time with their wives, which was an excuse an employee gave. But when Qi Nian comes, he tells his secretary to cancel OT. When the secretary asks why, he says it’s because he needs to spend time with his wife.

Lu Qing Wu tells Ji Si Qi the truth that they didn’t sleep together and she wants him to be happy and stop moping over Qi Nian.

[Episode 17]

Lu Qing Wu visits Shao Zui to buy over Ji Si Qi’s contract to Rong Pin Company. There, she learns that Qi Nian had already told Ji Si Qi that they would not work together anymore and she gets a call from Qi Nian that she will be trusting Lu Qing Wu to take care of Ji Si Qi from now on and make his manhua artist dreams come true.

Ji Si Qi and Qi Nian are both sad because of their friend “breakup” and both get drunk. He gets drunk at Lu Qing Wu’s house and kisses her. Qi Nian gets drunk at Ji Yan Xin’s office and throws up on him. She wakes up the next day and there isn’t enough time for her to leave his office discreetly because there is a morning meeting so she hides under his desk. His employees gather in his office and one of them puts some documents on his desk. One of the documents drops and he tells the employee that he will get it. Qi Nian was going to give the document to him but he bends down, pretends to pick up the document, and kisses her during the meeting! Her daydream in the earlier episode when she imagined him doing that in the lecture hall actually came true. He straightens and pretends like nothing happened and continues the meeting. After the meeting, he tells his staff to leave and she crawls out from under the desk and tells him that he’s mean. He tells her that he can be meaner and kisses her again.

Lin Yi still wants to break up the couple and tells Qi Nian that Ji Yan Xin is only pursuing Qi Nian because of Qi Nian’s father. Qi Nian finds out Ji Yan Xin had investigated her father and her, and is working with her father on a project. She starts to be suspicious of Ji Yan Xin and whether he actually likes her. She then overhears him speaking to a woman who sounds like his girlfriend and calls him sweet nicknames.

Ji Si Qi tells Lu Qing Wu that he will take responsibility for his actions last night. Lu Qing Wu refuses him because she wants his heart and not him to take responsibility.

[Episode 18]

By accident, Qi Nian meets the popular guy who had confessed to her in high school but insisted that she was the one who confessed to him. Because she didn’t agree to be in a relationship, he had ended up with another girl in their high school. He is a popular idol now called Ah Yu and wants to pursue her again. 

He invites Qi Nian and Ji Qiu, who is with her, to his VIP karaoke room and sings karaoke to her. However, Qi Nian is going through her manhua because it is a record of her memories with Ji Yan Xin. She is trying to find evidence that Ji Yan Xin truly likes her but she can’t find any. Sad by this discovery, she ends up telling Ah Yu her relationship problems. He tries to help but also tries to get her to consider being in a relationship with him again. While he is confessing to her and making his little speech, Qi Nian backs away and is whisked away by Ji Yan Xin. 

Shao Zui had told Ji Yan Xin about Ah Yu and so he flew back from the U.S. for her. He arrives in time to grab her and they hide behind a wall from Ah Yu. Ji Yan Xin had gone to the U.S. to give Qi Nian some space because he knew that she was nervous about their new relationship. Qi Nian prattling to explain what happened and Ji Yan Xin kisses her to stop her. He is jealous of Ah Yu and she tells him he doesn’t need to be. At the same time, she tells him that she is jealous of him talking to another woman with sweet words. He then calls up that woman and she greets him with words like “baby” and “honey”. Qi Nian is angry and starts questioning why that woman can call him those words. The woman says it’s because I’m his mother! Then Ji Yan Xin clarifies that him liking her and dating her has nothing to do with her father otherwise he would date a new girl for every new work project. Mollified, Qi Nian realizes that she misunderstood him.

Next, Ji Yan Xin takes her to this resort overlooking the ocean. The place is decorated with pink and cozy furniture. He tells her that he doesn’t know when he started loving her but she just started becoming a habit for him and more than love. He can’t do without her now and wants to be with her for the rest of their lives. He gives her a choice to refuse him because if she continues being with him, he might start controlling her the way he tried to with Ji Si Qi. He turns away and looks nervous. She smiles and asks him why didn’t he pick up his phone when he was in the U.S.. He tells her that seeing a picture of her was enough to make him uneasy and miss her, hearing her voice would be terrible because he would want to go to her immediately. Before he finishes his sentence, she puts her arms around him and kisses him.

There’s a party at Ji Si Qi and Lu Qing Wu’s company. He overhears some employees talking smack about Lu Qing Wu and gets angry with them. He leaves the part and goes to one of the office rooms to sulk. Lu Qing Wu is touched that he stood up for her and finds him there inhaling helium from the balloons. She laughs at his high pitched voice. Laughing, he inhales somemore helium and kisses her so that she can also inhale the helium. They both sound funny now and run around the office having fun.

[Episode 19]

Ji Yan Xin tells Qi Nian that the resort place is hers. He had designed it so that she would have a place to work on her manhua. She is touched by his actions. 

Ji Si Qi and Lu Qing Wu start dating for real. 

Shao Zui leaves Ji Qiu and she tries to look for him. She has flashbacks of how Shao Zui took care of her after her parents passed away. He promised to be her little brother and would take her to eat ice cream and help her with her problems. She realizes how much he means to her.

[Episode 20]

Qi Nian and Ji Si Qi find out that Lu Qing Wu didn’t betray Qi Nian. It was Lu Qing Wu’s manager who had stolen Qi Nian’s laptop, changed the password, and lie to both Qi Nian and Lu Qing Wu. Because of the misunderstanding, they never tried to clarify things and both played the victim whenever they saw each other because they both genuinely believed that each person was the victim. 

Qi Nian is holding her first fan signing event for her manhua. She is nervous because many anti-fans have commented about how she approached Mr. J (her main lead in the manhua) with ill intentions to use him for her manhua inspiration. They want to know who Mr. J is but she refuses because she wants to protect Ji Yan Xin’s privacy. However, without her knowing, Ji Yan Xin appears during her event and reveals that he is Mr. J and also her boyfriend. He publicly declares his feelings for her. Ji Yan Xin’s mother is also at the event and is surprised to her son publicly confess.

[Episode 21]

Ji Qiu almost forgets her own birthday but Shao Zui remembers and celebrates it with her. He tells her he won’t always be there for her as he will eventually get married. She pouts and tells him that he has to wait till he’s 60 to get married. They accidentally kiss and she tells him to pay her back. He sends her home and then leaves but doesn’t tell her where he has gone. He’s also transferred all of his shares in the company to her. She’s the new CEO of MC Comics. Ji Qiu finds out when she goes to the office and he’s no longer there. The lawyer gives her the documents.

Lu Qing Wu and her manager meet Ji Yan Xin and Ji Si Qi’s mother, Pei Yan, to discuss a business deal but Lu Qing Wu doesn’t know Pei Yan is their mother. She is offended by Pei Yan’s comments about her talent, or lack of talent and storms off but accidentally spills a drink on Pei Yan.

Pei Yan is sitting at Ji Si Qi and Qi Nian’s rented home. At that moment, Lu Qing Wu barges in angrily because she had that upsetting incident with Pei Yan and wants Ji Si Qi to comfort her. Ji Yan Xin is also there with Qi Nian because Pei Yan had expressed interest in collaborating with her. They’re shocked to find out that Pei Yan is the brothers’ mother. Pei Yan tells the brothers to switch spots so that Ji Si Qi is standing with Qi Nian and Ji Yan Xin is standing with Lu Qing Wu. She thinks that looks better because the age difference is smaller that way. 

She grills Ji Si Qi and Qi Nian defends him. Pei Yan thinks that they have some relationship and wants them to date each other instead. Ji Yan Xin and Lu Qing Wu strongly disagree. Pei Yan then challenges the couples to do a video log of them doing couple things to prove that they are compatible. 

Lu Qing Wu hears Qi Nian’s side of the story and realizes that her manager had lied to her. She asks Qi Nian to not tell Ji Si Qi because she is afraid that he would think poorly of her but he had already overheard everything. Ji Si Qi confronts her but Lu Qing Wu doesn’t bother defending herself.

Ji Yan Xin is working but Qi Nian wants some attention from him so she tries a little experiment. She first eats a crunchy apple in front of his study room to get his attention from the crunchy noises. He doesn’t react. Then she moves on to chomp on potato chips. Lastly, she brings out celery. Finally Ji Yan Xin responds and walks to the door where she had been squatting. He asks her “you want my attention right?” Qi Nian slides up the wall and quietly nods.

[Episode 22]

Ji Yan Xin spends time with Qi Nian but they do stuff that he wants to do such as go through a slideshow of architectural pictures. She yawns and is super bored but when he asks her, she denies that she’s bored. Ji Yan Xin knows that she is and holds her hand, telling her that he wants her to tell him what she really wants to do. He doesn’t want her to bend to his wants because he wants to spend forever with her, not just a few days. Qi Nian starts listing out all her wishes and he obliges her.

Ji Si Qi has the recording that Lu Qing Wu made when she confronted her manager and he gives it to Qi Nian. Ji Yan Xin asks Ji Si Qi if he would be worried for Lu Qing Wu if Qi Nian releases this recording to prove her innocence since Lu Qing Wu would be the most hurt in that situation. He replies that he’ll stand by Lu Qing Wu’s side no matter what.

Qi Nian gives the recording back to Ji Si Qi. She doesn’t want to expose Xiao Li (the manager) or Lu Qing Wu because she knows that she would get hurt and if she is hurt, Ji Si Qi would be hurt since he loves Lu Qing Wu. She just wants to let the past be bygones.

Shao Zui has disappeared but really gone to a restaurant that’s 2km away from Ji Yan Xin’s home to hide. Ji Yan Xin knows this but Ji Qiu doesn’t. She is sad that he has left. 

Qi Nian is walking Qi Bao and he brings her to the same place by the pier where she had met Ji Yan Xin. Qi Bao leads her to a man who happens to be reading her manhua and he tells her that he was Qi Bao’s past owner and he recognizes her. He will be the actor for Mr. J in her manhua. 

[Episode 23]

Ji Yan Xin had gone on a work trip but after hearing the actor Mr. J on her phone, he immediately takes the plane back. While he was gone, Qi Nian was sending him angry messages that she had translated into dog barking audio messages through an app. She thinks that he won’t know what she meant.

Ji Yan Xin comes back and is annoyed by the male actor. He also tells Qi Nian that he had translated her dog barking messages. He tells her that she needs to get her identification documents and takes Qi Nian to the marriage registrar. Outside the building, he tells her that it’s a new amusement park / game and she just has to nod her head and sign whatever she needs to sign. An obedient Qi Nian nods and follows his orders. They come out and are married. She however actually knew what he was up to and what she was getting herself into. He says a bunch of romantic things to her. In the car, Qi Nian panics because she doesn’t know how to tell her parents that she is married since they don’t even know that she is dating. However, Ji Yan Xin is prepared because his “work trip” was actually him flying to her hometown to tell her parents about him and convince them to let him marry her. Her parents loved him and gave him their blessing. They tell Qi Nian that she’s so lucky. 

The fake author incident leaks and Lu Qing Wu announces her retirement over it. She takes the blame while Xiao Li gets off scot-free. Lu Qing Wu has to leave the company too. Qi Nian risks her own reputation and gets involved to clear Lu Qing Wu’s name. The true help comes from Ji Yan Xin who asks his network of celebrities in the industry to come out on social media to retweet and support them. Xiao Li is fired by Rong Pin Company and they all celebrate.

Ji Qiu finds Shao Zui at the restaurant and finds out that he had caused her father to die because he had saved him while mountain climbing. That’s why he had been taking care of her to repay the debt. She is hurt and angry. She coldly thanks him but continues to come back to the restaurant to drink. She tells him that she wants him to love her and take care of her forever and not be a debt to him. 

[Episode 24]

Now that they are officially married, Ji Yan Xin and Qi Nian sleep together as husband and wife and start planning their honeymoon and wedding. 

The Ji family meeting and Pei Yan, Ji Si Qi and Lu Qing Wu also show up. Pei Yan had helped Lu Qing Wu by pressuring Rong Pin Company to fire Xiao Li. Lu Qing Wu is grateful and tells Pei Yan that she will marry Ji Si Qi in two years when he’s of legal age to marry and she will happily wait for him. He’s shocked because he’s like isn’t that his line. Ji Yan Xin and Qi Nian chime in and are like that’s their line. But Pei Yan says that there’s an order and she will be the first to get married. The brothers are shocked because they didn’t know that their mother was seeing someone. 

Ji Yan Xin is upset because he wishes his family can be together again. Qi Nian brings Ji Yan Xin to the restaurant where the chef had given her a yummy cake. He finds his mother and father there looking at the brothers’ couple video logs and are shocked that the person his mother is marrying is actually his father. 

Ji Qiu wakes up to find Shao Zui leaving. She tells him that she wants to be his baggage forever and they end up together.

On her wedding day, Qi Nian receives a letter from Ji Yan Xin that was sent from 100 days ago. It’s a picture he drew of her while she was sleeping. The message in the picture is that he wants to marry her on July 9th which is that day. Ji Yan Xin shows up in person and puts on the ring for her. However, after that she realizes that he had never even proposed and yells after him but he leaves. Then she gets a video message from Pei Yan of her interviewing Ji Yan Xin. In the video, Ji Yan Xin says that he can live without Qi Nian but he would just be surviving and not truly living. Ji Yan Xin comes back with the veil to complete her wedding dress and quickly closes the video because he finds it embarrassing. He gets down on one knee and proposes for real. He says that she doesn’t have to be a housewife and the only thing she needs to do is take care of him. He then gets up and says, “I’m done.” Qi Nian is still touched by the proposal and holds his face in her hands. She tells him, “Ji Yan Xin, I will marry you and I love you.” She kisses him.

They move in together. Ji Yan Xin tells her about the clock that rings seven (“Qi”) times near his home at a temple. The seven rings makes him think of her all the time. Surprisingly enough, that temple was where they had first met but they don’t know that. When Ji Yan Xin was young, he was at the temple to wish for family harmony. He accidentally hung it over the romantic relationships section and over Qi Nian’s wish, which was for a loving relationship. A man kindly tells him that he had hung his wish in the wrong place and takes the wish plate off but accidentally gives Qi Nian’s wish plate instead. That man was Qi Nian’s father because young Qi Nian runs to him after and gives him a picture she had drawn of the young Ji Yan Xin and tells him that she saw a handsome young man. Ji Yan Xin still has the wish plate and Qi Nian still has the drawing of the young Ji Yan Xin and Qi Bao brings the wish plate in his mouth to put in the box with the drawing, reuniting both wishes that had come true.

The end.


I thoroughly enjoyed this drama as a cute modern Chinese drama! It was an easy watch and slightly more unique than the common trope of cold male lead and innocent female lead because in this case the female lead was very openly and actively pursuing the male lead. This was a cute and sweet romantic modern drama and I generally like these if they’re not overdone, and Be With You was very cute and well done in my opinion. I liked that it made sense that they developed a relationship because she was aggressively putting herself in his presence, which is a nice change from other similar romcoms where the main leads just meet multiple times because of fate. I enjoyed how Qi Nian was an ambitious female lead who was passionate about drawing manhua and just wanted to pursue her dreams, which led her to pursuing the male lead.

The romance also developed at a good pace and was fun to watch. I loved how the male lead, while cold and aloof, ends up doing very romantic things for the female lead, such as sneaking his business card into her jean pocket so that she would have a way to contact him or giving her the key to his house. It was also funny to get a peek into the female lead’s brain because she has the most creative, crazy imagination even though some parts were a little cringey to see – when she is so bold about confessing her love for him and becoming his teaching assistant, live-in maid, personal assistant, etc. She has all these somewhat embarrassing daydreams / fantasies that add a comedic element.

It definitely had a feel-good factor where everyone in the drama ended up pairing up with someone else. There are three main couples in the drama (and a fourth couple with the Ji parents getting back together) and while it was nice that everyone had a happy ending, I wasn’t a huge fan of the third couple (Ji Qiu and Shao Zui) and fourth couple (Ji parents) because that seemed to come out of nowhere but I guess that’s drama land for you! The age gap between the third couple was a little strange but still believable. However, that happened mostly towards the end so it wasn’t too distracting.

Overall, this was a cute modern romcom to watch! ?

Overall: 6/10
Modern Romance Genre: 7/10


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